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African American Interest/Griot Audio

Title $$  
Bates, Karen Grigsby - Plain Brown Wrapper (U) Recorded Books/Griot, 2002 Library Edition #F0099 (11.5h/8ca) Narrated by Robin Miles Ex-Library Good Condition $30
Briscoe, Connie - Big Girls Don't Cry (U) Recorded Books/Griot Audio, 2001 Library Edition #F0034 (13.5h/9ca) Narrated by Robin Miles 0-7887-5335-5 Very Good $32
Briscoe, Connie - Sisters and Lovers (U) Recorded Books/Griot Audio, 2001 Library Edition 0-7887-5117-4 Narrated by Myra Lucretia Taylor $15
Briscoe, Connie - A Long Way from Home (U) Recorded Books/Griot, 2000 Library Edition #F0003 - 14h/10ca - Narrated by Peter Francis James 0-7887-4835-1 Ex-Library Good Condition $17
Briscoe, Connie - Big Girls Don't Cry (U) Recorded Books/Griot #F0034 Library Edition 0-7887-5335-5 Narrated by Robin Miles Ex-Library $17
Butler, Octavia - Parable of the Sower (U) Recorded Books/Griot #95999, 2000 Library Edition 0-7887-3782-1 Narrated by Lynne Thigpen. Ex-Library in Good Condition $25
Butler, Octavia - Parable of the Talents (U) Recorded Books/Griot Audio, 2001 (Narrated by Patricia Floyd, Sisi Johnson and Peter Jay Fernandez) 16h/11ca 0-7887-4990-0 VG $25
Douglass, Frederick - Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas (U) Recorded Books, 1991 #91424 (4.5h/3ca) Narrated by Charles Turner - Ex-Library FAIR condition $12
Estleman, Loren - Jitterbug: A Novel of Detroit (U) Recorded Books/Griot Audio #95783, 1999 (9h/7ca) Narrated by Peter Francis James - 0-7887-3120-3 Good Condition. $15
Franklin, Donna - What's Love Got to do with It? Understanding and Healing the Rift between Black Men and Women (U) Recorded Books/Griot Audio, 2001 Narrated by Robin Miles 0-7887-5116-6 VG $17
Gates, Henry Lewis - Colored People: A Memoir (U) Books on Tape, 1996 #4035 (10.5h/7ca) Narrated by Dick Estell Good Condition. $15
Grooms, Anthony - Bombingham (U) Recorded Books/Griot Audio, 2002 #F0086 (9.5h/7ca) Narrated by Dion Graham 0-4025-2480-3 Very Good $22
Hopkinson, Nalo - Brown Girl in the Ring (U) Recorded Books/Griot, 2001 #F0027 (8h/6ca) Narrated by Peter Jay Fernandez 0-7887-5228-6 Ex-Library Good Condition $20
Jenkins, Beverly - Always and Forever (U) Recorded Books/Griot, 2002 (10.25h/7ca) Narrated by Tony Penny 1-4025-2032-8 Ex-Library Good Condition $15
Jones, Gayl - Mosquito (U) Books On Tape, 2000 (22h/17ca) G $40
Kitt, Sandra - Close Encounters (U) Recorded Books, 2001 #F0009 (9.75h/7ca) Narrated by JD Jackson 0-7887-5122-0 Ex-Library - Good Condition $15
Monroe, Mary - God Don't Like Ugly (U) Recorded Books/Griot #F0063, 2001 Narrated by Denise Burse 1-4025-0603-1 Ex-Library Good Condition $12
Morrison, Mary - Soul Mates Dissipate (U) Recorded Books #F0110 (7.25h/5ca) 1-4025-3953-3 Narrated by Indigo Brown Ex-library w/stickers removed. $10
Morrison, Toni - Sula (U) Recorded Books/Griot Audio, 2001 (5h/4ca) Narrated by Lynne Thigpen 0-7887-5334-7 VG $17
Morrison, Toni - Paradise (U) Recorded Books, 1999 (Narrated by Lynne Thigpen) 14h/10ca 0-7887-3094-0 G $15
Morrison, Toni - Tar Baby (U) Recorded Books, 2000 #95959 (12h/9ca) 0-7887-4405-4 Narrated by Lynne Thigpen Ex-Library VG Condition $25
Palmer, Joyce - Greenwichtown (U) Recorded Books, 2002 (9.75h/7ca) VG $25
Phillips, Gary - Shooter's Point (U) Recorded Books, 2003, #F0106 Narrated by Patricia Floyd 1-4025-3613-5 Ex-Library w/stickers removed $25
Ridley, John - The Drift (U) Recorded Books, 2002 (10.5h/8ca) VG $22
Roby, Kimberla Lawson - Here and Now (U) Recorded Books, 2001 (10.75h/8ca)  $22
Whitehead, Colson - John Henry Days (U) Recorded Books, 2001 (18h/12ca) VG $35

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