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If people who read books on paper are called bookworms, then are people who
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Audio books are considered to be the fastest-growing segment in the publishing industry, growing 75 percent since 1995 and representing $2 billion in annual sales, according to the Audio Publishers Association (APA).



Title $$  
Almond, David - Heaven Eyes (U) Listening Library 0-8072-6197-1 (5h/3ca) 2001 Narrated by Amanda Plummer - New in Shrink Wrap w/Remainder mark $7
Avi - Something Upstairs (U) Recorded Books #92306, 1992 (3.25h/3ca) Narrated by George Guidall 1-55690-613-7 FAIR Condition Ex-Library $5
Babbitt, Natalie - Tuck Everlasting (U) #93220 (3.5h/3ca) Narrated by Barbara Caruso 1-55690-852-0 FAIR Condition Ex-Library $7
Baum, L. Frank - The Oz Audio Collection (A) Caedmon Audio, 1979 Performed by Ray Bolger (6h/4ca) G (former rental) $15
Bauer, Marion Dane - On My Honor (U) Recorded Books, 1998 Narrated by Johnny Heller -0-7887-2072-4 (for listeners aged 9 and up) VG Condition - Ex-Library $10
Bellairs, John - The Ghost in the Mirror (U) Recorded Books, 1994 Narrated by George Guidall 0-7887-0138-X (For listeners ages 10 and up) FAIR condition - Ex-Library $6
Brooks, Walter R. - Freddy the Detective (U) Recorded Books, 1998 Narrated by John McDonough 0-7887-1796-0 (For listeners ages 6 and up) VG Condition Ex-Library $15
Bruchac, Joe - The Boy Who Lived with the Bears and other Iroquois Stories 1990, Parabola Audio Library - Narrated by the Author. 0-930407-19-9 NEW in shrink wrap $15
Bunting, Eve - The Summer of Riley (U) Recorded Books, 2002 Narrated by Ramon de Ocampo 0-7887-8975-9 (For listeners ages 10 and up) VG Condition Ex-Library $10
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - A Little Princess (U) Recorded Books #94766, 1996 Narrated by Virginia Leishman 0-7887-0589-X (For listeners  ages 10 and up) Good condition Ex-Library $20
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - The Secret Garden (U) Blackstone Audio, 1992 (7.5h/6ca) G $15
Byars, Betsy - McMummy (U) Recorded Books #94560, 1995 Narrated by George Guidall 0-7887-0368-4 (3h/2ca) (For listeners ages 6 and up) Excellent condition Ex-Library $10
Byars, Betsy - Wanted...Mud Blossom (U) Listening Library YA 871, 1991 Narrated by Blain Fairman 0-8072-7521-2 (4h/2ca) VG Condition - Ex-Library $7

Byars, Betsy - The Blossom and the Green Phantom (U) Listening Library YA 825, 1987 Narrated by Blain Fairman


Cleary, Beverly - Ramona the Pest (U) Listening Library YA 819, 1992 0-8072-7271-X Narrated by Stockard Channing Ex-Lib in replacement case. Good Condition


Cooper, Susan - The Bogart and the Monster (U) Listening Library YA925, 1997 0-8072-7820-3 Narrated by David Rintoul. Ex-library w/stickers removed. In acceptable condition $5
Creech, Sharon - The Wanderer (U) Listening Library, 2000 0-8072-8390-8 Narrated by John Beach Ex-Library w/stickers removed. In vg condition $7
Crew, Linda - Children of the River (U) For listeners ages 15 and up Recorded Books #95793 Narrated by Christina Moore 0-7887-3210-2 Ex-Library Good Condition $7
Danziger, Paula - Amber Brown is Not a Crayon (U) Listening Library YA 923, 0-8072-7805-X Narrated by Alicia Witt (3 hours on 2 cassettes) Ex-library in replacement case $5
Elliott, David - Transmogrification of Rosoe Wizzle (U) Listening Library 0-7366-6610-9 Narrated by David Krumholtz (2h/2ca) Ex-Library w/stickers removed. Good Condition $7
Fenner, Carol - Yolanda's Genius (U) Listening Library, 1997 (6.25h/4ca) ISBN 0-8072-0461-7 Narrated by Novella Nelson - Good Condition $15
Forbes, Esther - Johnny Tremain (U) Recorded Books, 1994 (9.5h/7ca) ISBN 0-7887-0017-0 #94216 Narrated by George Guidall Ex-Library Fair Condition $20
Fleischman, Sid - The Whipping Boy (U) Recorded Books, 1993 #93225 (2h/2ca) ISBN 1-55690-857-1 Narrated by Spike McClure $10
Freeman, Suzanne - The Cuckoo's Child (U) Listening Library 0-8072-7881-5 (4.5h/4ca) Narrated by Christy Carlson Romano Very Good Condition $12
Gannett, Ruth Stiles - Three Tales of My Father's Dragon (U) 0-8072-7843-2 (4h/2ca) Narrated by Robert Sevra. Ex-library w/stickers removed. In good condition $6
Grahame, Kenneth - The Wind in the Willows (A) BBC Audio Collection, 1989 (3h/2ca) G $13
Henkes, Kevin - Sun and Spoon (U) Listening Library, 973, 1998 0-8072-8034-8 Ex-library w/stickers removed. Narrated by Blair Brown $7
Hesse, Karen - Witness (U) Listening Library, 2001 Library Edition 0-7366-8023-3 (2h/2ca) Very Good Condition $12
Holt, David - Why the Dog Chases the Cat - High Windy Audio, 1994 (40m/1ca) G


Holt, David - Tailybone and Other Strange Stories - High Windy Audio G $4
Howard, Ellen - The Gate in the Wall (for listeners ages 9 and up) Recorded Books #96075 (4.5h/3ca) 0-7887-3891-7 Narrated by Jenny Sterlin - Ex-lib w/stickers removed. VG Condition $12
Hurwitz, Johanna - The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein (U) Recorded Books, 1995 Narrated by George Guidall (1.5h/1ca) VG condition $8
Kindl, Patrice - Owl in Love (U) Recorded Books, 1998 (5.5h/4ca) G $12
Klause, Annette Curtis - Blood and Chocolate (U) Recorded Books, 1997 (7.75h/6ca) G $12
Konigsburg, E. L. Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and me, Elizabeth (U) Listening Library, 1998 (3h/2ca) 0-8072-8000-3 Narrated by Carol Jordan Stewart - A Newberry Honor Book! Very Good Condition $12
L'Engle, Madeline - A Wind in the Door (U) Listening Library YA 864, 1994 0-8072-7506-9 Narrated by the Author Ex-Library w/stickers removed. (5.1h/4ca) $10
Lowry, Lois Number the Stars (Newbery Medal Winner) Recorded Books, #93224 1-55690-856-3 Narrated by Christina Moore Ex-Library Good Condition $15
Mark, Jan - A Fine Summer Knight (U) Chivers Audio Books, 1996 (5h/4ca) ISBN 0-7451-2536-0 Narrated by Brigit Forsyth - Very Good Condition. $15
McDonald, Megan - Judy Moody Predicts the Future (U) Recorded Books, #97555 ISBN 1-4025-6404-X  Narrated by Kate Forbes Ex-Library Good Condition $10
Mead, Alice - Junebug (U) Recorded Books, 1995 #94912 (2/2ca) 0-7887-0735-3 Narrated by Peter Francis James Ex-Library Fair Condition $7
Montgomery, L. M. - Anne of Avonlea (U) Recorded Books, 1996 (9.25h/7ca) 0-7887-0535-0 Narrated by Barbara Caruso Ex-Library Fair Condition $15
Montgomery, L. M. - Anne of the Island (U) Recorded Books, 1996 (8.5h/6ca) 0-7887-0578-9 Narrated by Barbara Caruso Ex-Library Fair Condition - Paper insert frayed on bottom $15
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds - Shiloh (U) Listening Library, YA164 0-8072-8328-2 Narrated by Peter MacNichol Ex-Library w/stickers removed. $5
O'Dell, Scott - Island of the Blue Dolphins (U) Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1995 (6h/4ca) G $18
Park, Barbara - Mick Harte was Here (U) Listening Library, 1997 (3h/2ca) 0-8072-7796-7 Narrated by Dana Lubotsky. Ex-library Good Condition $5
Park, Ruth - Playing Beatie Bow (U) Blackstone Audio, 1999 (6.5h/5ca) G $15
Paulsen, Gary - Call Me Francis Tucket (U) Recorded Books, 1995 Library Edition #94576      0-7887-0385-4 Narrated by John Randolph Jones (2h/2ca) Very Good Condition $18
Paulsen, Gary - Mr. Tucket (U) Recorded Books, 1994 Library Edition #94209 0-7887-0010-3 Narrated by John Randolph Jones (3.5h/3ca) Good Condition $18
Pearce Philippa - Who's Afraid and Other Strange Stories (U) Chivers Audio Books, 1996 (3.5h/3ca) ISBN 0-7451-7342-X  Narrated by Christian Rodska $15
Reiss, Johanna - The Upstairs Room (U) Recorded Books, 1999 #95914 (5h/4ca) 0-7887-3525-X Narrated by Christina Moore - Ex-Library Good Condition $15
Sewell, Anna - Black Beauty (U) Classics on Tape (Blackstone Audio), 1990 0-78610595x Narrated by John Chatty (6h/4ca) Former store rental in replacement case. $9
Shostak, Dean and Friends - Colonial Fair: Songs, Stories, and Riddles (U) Coastline Music, 1999 (1h/1ca) ISBN 0-9672927-1-9 Very Good Condition -Unique and Rare Item $20
Skolsky, Mindy Warsaw - Love from your friend, Hannah (U) Listening Library, YA996 0-8072-8078-X Narrated by a full cast Ex-Library VG condition $7
Taylor, Mildred D. - Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (U) Recorded Books, #94217 0-7887-0018-9 (8h/6ca) Narrated by Lynne Thigpen Ex-Lib Good Condition $25
Travers, P.L. - Mary Poppins (U) Listening Library, 1999 (6h/4ca) 0-8072-8081-X VG Condition Narrated by Sophie Thompson $15
Van Draanen, Wendelin - Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy (U) Live Oak Media, 2001 (5h/4ca) Narrated by Tara Sands ISBN 0874-99727-5 - Very Good Condition. $22
Van Draanen, Wendelin - Sammy Keys and the Curse of Moustache Mary (U) Live Oak Media, 2001 (5h/4ca) Narrated by Tara Sands ISBN0-8749-9792-5 - Very Good Condition. $22
Woodson, Jacqueline - Locomotion (recommended for listeners aged 10 and up) Recorded Books, 2003 #97310 Narrated by JD Jackson Ex-Library Excellent Condition $17
Just Call Me Stupid - Tom Birdseye (U) Recorded Books Library Edition, 1996 #94852 (4h/3ca) Narrated by Johnny Heller ISBN 0-7887-0680-2 Very Good Condition $14
Visions: Nineteen Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young Adults (U) Listening Library, 1990 (7.5h/6ca) G OOP $28

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