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If people who read books on paper are called bookworms, then are people who
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Audio books are considered to be the fastest-growing segment in the publishing industry, growing 75 percent since 1995 and representing $2 billion in annual sales, according to the Audio Publishers Association (APA).


General Fiction

Title $$  
Baldacci, David - The Christmas Train (U) Time Warner Audio, 2002. Narrated by Tim Mathieson (7 hours on 5 cassettes) ISBN 1586214608 Ex Library VG Condition $7
Berg, Elizabeth - Never Change (U) Recorded Books #96795, 2002 Narrated by Suzanne Toren (7.25h/5ca) ISBN 0788759612 Ex-Library Good Condition $15
Booth, Pat - American Icon (U) Chivers Sound Library, 1999 (13.25h/10ca) 0-7927-2276-0 Narrated by Kate Harper - Very Good Condition $35
Buchanan, Edna - Pulse (U) Recorded Books #95535, 1998 (10.75h/8cassettes) Narrated by Richard M. Davidson ISBN 0788725998 Ex-Library Good Condition $25
Burdett, John - The Last Six Million Seconds (U) Recorded Books #95054, 1997 Narrated by Simon Prebble (13.75h/10ca) ISBN 0788709143 Ex-Library Good Condition. $25
Carey, Peter - My Life as a Fake (U) Recorded Books #97511, 2003 Narrated by Susan Lyons 1-4025-5991-7 VG Condition Ex-Library $15
Childress, Mark - Crazy in Alabama (U) Recorded Books 96157, 2001 Narrated by Tom Stechschulte (16.25h/12ca) ISBN 0788740322 Ex-Library Good Condition $30
Clancy, Tom - Clear and Present Danger (U) Books On Tape, 1989 #2488 A and B (28.5h/19ca) Narrated by Michael Prichard - Ex-Library Good Condition $75
Darnton, John - Neanderthal (U) Recorded Books #96133, 2000 (13h/9ca) Narrated by George Guidall ISBN 0788744038 Ex-Library VG $17
Daugharty, Janice - Whistle (U) Chivers Sound Library, 1998 (6.5h/6ca) VG $25
Davenport, Kiana - Song of the Exile (U) Recorded Books, #95989, 1999 (16h/11ca) Narrated by Christine McMurdo-Wallis ISBN 0788737724 Ex-Library VG $14
Evans, Nicholas - The Loop (U) Recorded Books, #95532, 1998 (14.5h/10ca) Narrated by John Bedford Lloyd ISBN 0788722816 Ex-Library Good Condition $10
Evans, Nicholas - The Loop (U) Books on Tape, 1998 #4752-CD (14h/12CD) OUT OF PRINT Narrated by Michael Kramer , Ex-Library Fair Condition (Paper Insert frayed on the top) $20
Evans, Richard Paul - The Looking Glass (U) Chivers Sound Library, 2001 (5.25h/4ca) Narrated by Barrett Whitener ISBN 0792724720 Ex-Library VG Condition $25
Evans, Richard Paul - The Locket (U) Chivers Sound Library, 2000 (9h/8ca) Narrated by William Dufris ISBN 0792724518 Ex-Library VG Condition $40
Flagg, Fannie - Standing in the Rainbow (U) Books on Tape, 2002 #5951 (15h/13CD) 0-7366-8669-X Narrated by Kate Reading Ex-Lib Fair Condition - Paper Insert is severely frayed at the top $15
Furst, Alan - Dark Voyage (U) Recorded Books, #97873 1-4193-0772-X Narrated by George Guidall (9.5h/7h) Good Condition - Ex-Library $15
Garcia, Cristina - Monkey Hunting: A Novel (U) Books On Tape #6153, 2003 (6h/4ca) Narrated by Robertson Dean ISBN 0736693955 Ex-Library VG Condition $35
George, Nelson - Show and Tell (U) Recorded Books, #F0079 (5.5h/4ca) Narrated by Dion Graham ISBN 1402515944 Ex-Library VG Condition $22
Goldsmith, Olivia - Bad Boy: A Novel (U) Brilliance Audio, 2000 (10h/7ca) VG $10
Goldsmith, Olivia - Switcheroo (U) Books On Tape, 1998 (10h/7ca) G $15
Goldsmith, Olivia - Young Wives (U) Recorded Books, 2000 #96220 (21h/15ca) 0-7887-4303-1 Narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan Ex-Lib Good Condition $20
Grayson, Emily - The Observatory (U) Recorded Books, #96744, 2001 (5.75h/4ca) Narrated by Linda Stephens ISBN 0788788515 Ex-Library VG Condition $12
Harrison, Kathryn - Poison (U) Recorded Books, 1995 (13.25h/9ca) G $20
Heller, Joseph - Closing Time (Sequel to Catch-22) (U) Books on Tape, 1995 #3665 Out of Print 0-7366-2974-2 Narrated by Michael Kramer Ex-Library Good Condition $45
Irving, John - The Fourth Hand - (U) Random House Audio, 2001 (10h/7ca) VG $15
King, Stephen - Dreamcatcher: A Novel (U) Chivers Sound Library, 2001 #CSL 346 (25h/16ca) Narrated by Jeffrey DeMunn $70
Kinsella, Sophie - Shopaholic Ties the Knot (U) Recorded Books #97324, 2003 1-4025-4014-0 Narrated by Emily Gray - Ex-Library Lightly Circulated. $30
LaManna, Ross - Acid Test (U) Recorded Books, #96854, 2001 Narrated by George Guidall 0-7887-9950-9 (14h/11ca) $15
Landvik, Lorna - Patty Jane's House of Curl (U) Recorded Books, 1998 (9h/6ca) G $10
Lent, Jeffrey - In The Fall (U) Recorded Books, 2000 (24.75h/18ca) VG $40
Malamud, Bernard - The Natural (U) Books on Tape, #3888, 1996 Narrated by Michael Kramer (7.5hours on 7 cassettes) Good Condition - Stickers removed from the case $15
Mason, Daniel - The Piano Tuner: A Novel (U) Books On Tape, #5968, 2002 (11h/8ca) Narrated by Richard Matthews ISBN 0736687823 Ex-Library Good Condition $37
Michard, Jacquelyn - A Theory of Relativity (U) Books On Tape, 2001 (14h/10ca) VG $20
Mitchell, Margaret - Gone With the Wind (U) Recorded Books, 2001 Parts 1 and 2 (50.5 h on 36 cassettes) ISBN 0788749765 - Ex-library with stickers removed from the cassettes. Looks Great! $50
Morgan, Robert - Gap Creek (U) Recorded Books, #96276 0-7887-4455-2 Narrated by Kate Forbes Ex-Library Good Condition $20
North, Freya - Cat (U) Clipper Audio, 2001 (15.5h/13CD) VG $42
Pilcher, Rosamunde - The End of Summer (U) Books On Tape, 2821, 1991 (5h/5ca) 0-7366-2004-8 Narrated by Donada Peters. Older copy in black style case but tapes are in good condition $25
Pirsig, Robert - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (U) Books on Tape, 4324 (16.5h/11ca) Narrated by Michael Kramer. Older item, in good condition. $80
Robbins, David L. - War of the Rats (U) Recorded Books, 1999 (15.25h/11ca) VG $30
Sanders, Dori - Clover (U) Recorded Books, 1994 (5.25h/4ca) Good Condition - Ex-Library w/stickers removed. Narrated by Michele-Denise Woods $15
Siddons, Anne Rivers - Fault Lines (U) Recorded Books, #94648 (15.25h/11 ca) 0-7887-0447-8 Narrated by C.J. Critt Ex-Library Good Condition $15
Smiley, Jane - A Thousand Acres (U) Recorded Books, 1996 (15h/11ca) G $25
Smiley, Jane - Horse Heaven (U) Recorded Books #96303, 2000 (26h/18ca) Narrated by Suzanne Toren 0-7887-4499-2 G $35
Smith, Lee - The Last Girls: A Novel (U) Hyperion, 2000 (10h/8ca) VG $15
Smith, Lee - The Last Girls (U) Recorded Books, 2002 (14.75h/10ca) Narrated by Linda Stephens Ex-library w/stickers removed $15
Smith, Lee - Cakewalk (U) Recorded Books (U) 2000 (10h/7ca) Narrated by Linda Stephens and Tom Stechschulte 0-7887-4066-0 Ex-Library Good Condition $15
Smith, Wilbur - Birds of Prey (U) (Part 2 of 2 Only) Books on Tape, 1997 (12h/9ca) G $10
Spence, Gerry - Half-Moon and Empty Stars (U) Books On Tape, 2001 (16.5h/11ca) VG $35
Swerling, Beverly - City of Dreams: A Novel of new Amsterdam and Early Manhattan (A) Audio Literature, 2001 (12h/8ca) VG $15
Theroux, Paul - My Other Life: A Novel (U) Dove Audio, 1996 (18h/12ca) G $20
Thomas, Ross - The Eighth Dwarf (U) Recorded Books, #84120 (8h/6ca) Narrated by Frank Muller Out of Print. Ex-Library VG Condition $100
Traven, B. - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (U) Recorded Books, ISBN # 0-7887-1895-9 (10.75h/8ca) Narrated by Ed Sala Ex-Library Good Condition $10
Troy, Robin - Floating (U) Books On Tape, 2000 0-7366-4935-2 Narrated by Karessa McElheny - 7.5h/54ca New in Shrink wrap (OUT OF PRINT) $10
Tyler, Anne - The Accidental Tourist (U) Recorded Books, 1991 #C1435 (13.25/12CD) 0-7887-7185-X Narrated by George Guidall. Ex-Library VG Condition $25
Walsh, Michael - As Time Goes By: A Novel of Casablanca (A) Time Warner, 1998 (6h/4ca) F $5
Willard, Tom - Wings of Honor (U) Books On Tape, 2001 (9/6ca) VG $20
Willard, Tom - Buffalo Soldiers: A Novel (U) Books On Tape, 1997 (11h/8ca) G $15

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