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If people who read books on paper are called bookworms, then are people who
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Audio books are considered to be the fastest-growing segment in the publishing industry, growing 75 percent since 1995 and representing $2 billion in annual sales, according to the Audio Publishers Association (APA).


Mystery and Suspense

Title $$  
Alexander, Bruce - The Color of Death (U) Books on Tape, 2001 #5592 (10h/8ca) 0-7366-6360-6 Narrated by John Lee Ex-Library Good Condition $16
Brown, Dale - Chains of Command (U) Recorded Books, 2003 #1-4025-3344-6 (18.75h/14ca) Narrated by George Guidall - Ex-Library Good Condition $30
Butler, Gwendoline - Coffin Waiting (U) Chivers Audio Books/Crimson Dagger Audio, 1992 Narrated by Phillip Talbot  (5.25h/4ca) 0-7451-2406-2 - Good Condition in clamshell case. $35
Cook, Robin - Chromosome 6 (U) Books On Tape, 1997 #4328 (12h/10ca) Narrated by Arthur Addison Ex-Library, Good Condition $27
Doyle, Arthur Conan -The Hound of the Baskervilles (U) Recorded Books, 91333, 1991 Narrated by Patrick Tull 1-556902379 Older item but the cassettes in good condition $30
DuBrul, Jack - River of Ruin (A) Brilliance Audio, 2002 (6H/4Ca) 1-59086-359-3 - Narrated by J. Charles - Used, Good Condition $5
Evanovich, Janet - Four To Score - #4 in the Stephanie Plum mystery series (U) Recorded Books, 1998 (9.75h/9CD) Library Edition #C1235 Narrated by C.J. Critt - 0-7887-4749-5 Good Condition in clamshell case $35
Francis, Dick - Flying Finish (U) Recorded Books, 1996, #94461 (8.75h/6ca) Narrated by Simon Prebble Ex-Library Fair Condition $20
Francis, Dick - 10 Lb. Penalty (U) Recorded Books #95287 (7.5h/5ca) Narrated by Simon Prebble 0-7887-1865-7 Ex-Lib Good Condition $20
Freedman, J. F. - Bird's-Eye View (U) Recorded Books, 2002 Library Edition #96839 (14.5/10ca) Narrated by Tom Stechschulte 0-7887-9793-X Used, library edition, NOT ex-library. $45
Grimes, Martha - The Horse You Came in On (U) Recorded Books, 1994 (11.75h/8ca) G $30
Hillerman, Tony - Hunting Badger (U) Recorded Books, #96076 (6h/4ca) Narrated by George Guidall 0-7887-3894-1 Ex-Library Fair Condition - Paper insert frayed on bottom $20
Kellerman, Faye - Grievous Sin (U) Books On Tape, 1996 #3973 (11h/9ca) OUT OF PRINT 0-7366-3321-9 Narrated by Bernadette Dunne Ex-Library Good Condition $25
McBain - Ed - Fat Ollie's Book (U) Recorded Books #RG410 Collector's Edition 1-4025-3946-0 Narrated by Michael Arkin - Used VG Condition $10
Mosley, Walter - Walkin' the Dog (U) Books On Tape, 2000 #5124 (8h/6ca) 0-7366-4779-1 Narrated by M. E. Willis Ex-Library Fair Condition $10
Andy, McNabb - Crisis Four (U) Recorded Books, #C1323 (15.75h/13CD) 0-7887-5160-3 Narrated by Steven Crossley - Ex-Library Paper Insert damaged but otherwise in good condition. $25
Palahniuk, Chuck - Lullaby (U) Recorded Books, #97196 2002 (7.5h/5ca) 0-4025-3038-2 Narrated by Richard Poe VG Condition $17
Parker, Robert B. - Widow's Walk (U) Books on Tape, #5886, 2002 (6 hours on 4 cassettes) 0-7366-8445-X Narrated by Joe Mantegna $15
Queen, Ellery - The Player on the Other Side (U) Chivers Sound Library, 1998 (8.25h/6ca) Narrated by David Edwards 0-7927-2232-9 Very Good Condition, in clamshell case, used NOT-ex-library. $35
Rendell, Ruth - Harm Done (U) Recorded Books, 2000 (15h/13CD) Narrated by Davina Porter ISBN # 0-7887-4720-1 Ex-Library Fair Condition $25
Todd, Charles - Search The Dark (U) Clipper Audio, 1999 (11.75h/10CD's) Narrated by Samuel Gillies 1-84197-099-9 $30
Truman, Margaret - Murder at the Kennedy Center (U) Recorded Books, #90103 (11.5h/8ca) Narrated by Richard Poe 1556903634 Ex-Lib in VG Condition $30
Van Gulik, Robert - Morning of the Monkey (U) Recorded Books #84910 (2h/2Ca) Narrated by Frank Muller 0-7887-7625-8 $30
Woods, Stuart - Blood Orchid (U) Brilliance Audio, 2002 Narrated by Susie Breck and Dick Hill (8h/6ca) Paper insert is damaged but tapes are in great condition. $15
Woods, Stuart - Swimming to Catalina (U) Recorded Books, #95360 (0-7887-1973-4) Narrated by Richard Ferrone $20

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